Feature: Simon Diez’s Stunning Fashion Series

Simon Diez is a great creative in our community! He recently posted this beautiful set of images and it naturally caught everyone’s attention. I absolutely fell in love with it!

Everything from the concept down to the execution. I was absolutely enamored with how it turned out and had to reach out to feature this set.

Be sure to scroll down to see a short interview with Simon about the shoot and which Infinite Tools he used to create this series!

1. Can you tell us more about how this shoot happened? Was this your vision or one that came together with the team? 
It was a shoot with did for Caylen Johnson as a graduation present. She is part of my team, and I can’t be happier with how things happened that day. That is her prom dress, made by the one and only Walace Style. It is a very beautiful dress with a very interesting pattern on the fabric, I think is the pattern is inspired by the Sistine Chapel. The dress is huge, and a piece of art by itself so I immediately thought soft movement, you know? Like the one we see on angles flying on the chapel. I also wanted to show the size of it.

2. What were some of the challenges you faced during the shoot?
The draping! We had to do it like 20 times, all you see there was shot as is and nothing was enhanced or add in post

3. What tools did you end up using and where did they fit in the workflow?
First, I used Infinite Unify so the hands and face have the same color. Then I use Infinite Color a couple of times and played with the opacity of the layers until I got the color I wanted. Finally, I used Infinite Black & White to dial down and add some extra contrast to different areas in the picture.

Photography: Simon Diez
Model: Caylen Johnson
Designer: Wallace Style

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