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Infinite Color Bundle

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Suite of Color Grading and B&W Conversion Plugins For Photoshop

Includes Infinite Color, Infinite Black & White, and Infinite Harmony

Compatible with Photoshop CC2019 & Later

Works on Mac & PC

Requires Active Internet Connection

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Everything You Need to Create Your Unique Photographic Style.

Generate Unlimited Color Grades with Infinite Color

Developed by professional retoucher Pratik Naik, Infinite Color cycles through countless color grades based on decades of commercial imagery from top photographers. With one click, you can jump from one complete color grade to another without needing multiple menus or sliders, saving you time on post-production and offering endless creative options.

Discover Endless B&W Conversions with Infinite Black & White

Infinite Black and White is a product of collaboration between professional photographers and retouchers aiming to bring the spontaneity and experimentation of the darkroom back to black and white photography. It utilizes "controlled randomization" to shuffle the B&W conversion process, ensuring high-quality results and allowing you to focus on art rather than technical details.

Develop Your Signature Look with Infinite Harmony

Unleash your creativity with Infinite Harmony. This powerful plugin allows you to effortlessly create harmonious color palettes of up to five colors based on a chosen hue. Whether you're a beginner or a professional, Infinite Harmony's intuitive interface will help you achieve the perfect balance of colors to evoke the desired emotions in your images. With Infinite Harmony, you can tell captivating visual stories that connect with your audience.

Why Use the Infinite Color Bundle?

Create a Style That Gets You Recognized

Regardless of the genre you work in, having a distinct style is the quickest way to capture a client's attention. The Infinite Color Bundle will assist you in finding, generating, and implementing your own personalized color grades, setting you apart from the competition.

Save Time and Focus On Creativity

Create new versions of your photos with just one button instead of having to navigate through multiple adjustment layers or settings. With user-friendly interfaces, making adjustments is straightforward, so you can focus on your art instead of technical details.

Experience Unlimited Inspiration

Sometimes the most challenging part of creating is knowing where to start. With The Infinite Color Bundle, you will discover new artistic directions and styles you might not have been exposed to when using traditional, predefined recipes or presets.

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