Infinite Color

Transform your images with fast, accessible, and explorative color grading in Adobe Photoshop.

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Infinite Color
Infinite Color
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Infinite Color

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Streamlined Color Grading Plugin For Photoshop

Includes Infinite Harmony Free for a Limited Time

Compatible with Photoshop CC2019 & Later

Works on Mac & PC

Requires Active Internet Connection

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Explore New Possibilities, Break Creative Boundaries, and Refine Your Unique Style.

Color grading is key to crafting captivating images, but visualizing the perfect look can be tough. Infinite Color solves this, empowering you generate endless color grades with the click of a button.

Why Use Infinite Color?

Generate Unlimited Color Grades

Regardless of the genre you work in, having a distinct style is the quickest way to capture a client's attention. Infinite Color can assist you in finding, generating, and implementing your own personalized color grades, setting you apart from the competition.

Speed Up Post Production

With the click of a button, you can jump from one color grade to another and customize them all from one intuitive interface without needing multiple menus or sliders. Get ready for a massive drop in turnaround time and budget spending.

Explore Your Image's Full Potential

Sometimes the most challenging part of color grading is knowing where to start. Infinite Color pulls from decades of experience in color grading to offer unlimited looks to help you identify what you or your clients prefer the most.

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Before and After Gallery

📸: Pratik Naik


📸: Frøydis Geithus


📸: Emily Teague


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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
George Zamaria
Looks good

I've only used this app twice and the resukts were pretty good. I'm sure I'll improve with more usage.

Mia Griggs

I think the best part about ICP, is that it gets you out of your comfort zone and shows you options for color grading you wouldn't have considered previously.

Genevieve Parke

I've been working infinite Color Panel into my workflow more regularly lately ... and today even found an old unedited image from way back when that got the treatment. The more I play with the panel, the more I like it... and of course the more I learn how to use it.

Brenda Bazán

I want to give a big, huge, larger-than-life shoutout to the retouching god and father of Infinite Color Panel Pratik Naik.
As I'm applying the finishing touches to an image I'm working on, I realized I owe most of my workflow in Photoshop to him. I don't know how to color grade but I do know how I want my images to look like. ICP has opened so many possibilities and given me a ton of control in my color grading. Actions and presets never really worked for me. I finally feel like I'm finding my voice in my work.

Zenta Kashimoto

So let's be honest. When I first got ICP, I was confused because I didn't understand how I could merge it to my wor!

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