Installation Guide

Here are the 4 quick steps in order to get our Infinite Color, Harmony, or Black and White panels up and running for any version of
Adobe Photoshop on Creative Cloud!

1. Download

Once you have downloaded the plugin, locate it on your computer.

The filename is Infinite_Color_Suite.CCX

2. Double Click

Double click on it while Adobe Creative Cloud is open. 

It will ask you how to install. Click, “Install locally.” 

3. Locate

Restart Photoshop. Find the “Plugins” menu at the top line.

Find "Infinite Color Suite"

4. Activate

It will ask you for the license key. This is located in the e-mail you received upon purchase. 

Note: Before you hit enter, make sure there is no blank space before or after the key when you pasted it in.

Did you get stuck somewhere?

Look below to see the most common issues and answers.

Still need more help?

Please e-mail us at and please allow 1 to 2 business days for response.